About Us

         In 2007, Laxmi Software Technology expanded its Client base to the India, Dubai, Bangkok, Hongkong And Today has more than 800+ Local & International Clients all over the Global. Laxmi Software Technology has the knowledge to complete Your Project Successfully, and to provide support services as needed.

Our Mission

              To harness and hone the best of marketing, strategic and technical skills in order to address real-life business issues and develop "innovative e-business solutions for optimizing organizational growth.

Our Vision

            To develop an insightful and technology-driven e-business matrix where success is a process and our valued clients are partners in growth. We constantly update and sharpen our skills to ensure we are always ahead of every changing technology. We are capable to assist you business in real time offering you cost effective and high quality solutions.

Our Strength


            At Laxmi Software Technology, we deliver products and services of international quality standards. We would never compromise on the quality to offer subprime products. At Laxmi Software Technology excellent quality is our promise and forms the core of our delivery. All products are tested in-house to ensure the best and only the best is delivered to our customers.

Timely Delivery

           Laxmi Software Technology has been in the business for a very long time and has developed highly skilled employees who have the ability to deliver projects promptly. as their understanding and expertise in the relevant field comes handy to deliver solution to our customers at a very fast pace. You will agree with us that saving time on delivery would mean saving cost as well on the project. Hence, all customer have access to us to check the progress of their project real time and we ensure that the we are always ahead of time in our delivery as efficiency is vital for any success.


            At Laxmi Software Technology honesty and integrity forms the core value of our company and we would never compromise on it.

Easy Communication

            The co-ordination and communication is made very easy and accessible to our clients as we work on a 24/7 basis. It becomes easier for them as we use web conference tools, such as WebEx, GoToMeeting etc to present our solutions personally over the Internet using desktop sharing, voice and live video, IM tools like Skype, dedicated local phone number for primary point of contact for seamless communication etc. to provide complete comfortable and easy communication to our clients.

Happy Customers

            We would not consider our project to be completed if we don't see a smile on our customers face. Customer delight is what we strive for and we always achieve it. Our company only thrives on repeat business and you would agree if our customer were not happy will they come back to us? Hence, we urge you to try our services once and we ensure you to will have a one stop shop for all the solution to your challenges in the technical field.
             Having delivered high quality services for a variety of technology enabled projects. Laxmi Software has over 800+ satisfied customers within Honkong, Bangkok and India and gets more than 60% repeat business from the clients worldwide.